We have all been there. You are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and you’re faced with the age old dilemma: whats the best kitchen floor? Wood or tile? It all boils down to whether you are prepared to sacrifice the cosy effect of the wooden floor for the practicality of tiles. With wood you will need to be more careful when cooking but the room will look bigger and more modern. But tiles are incredibly practical, can take the kitchen abuse and are according to many the best kitchen floor. So what is the best kitchen floor for your needs?

Many of our readers are always faced with the same dilemma. They like the look of the wooden floor but they are afraid that wood is too sensitive especially for places such as the kitchen and that it will wear out quickly. In contrast tiles are hard wearing but are far less cosy and much colder to the feel than wood.

The Best Kitchen Floor: It all boils down to your lifestyle!

We recommend that you carefully consider your lifestyle before choosing your best kitchen floor. If you live in a household with many kids and are constantly using the kitchen to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner then tiles are probably more suited to you. Truth is that if you use tiles you would not have to worry too much about water and food spills as tiles are generally not as sensitive as wood. However do be careful when picking your tiles to make sure they are not made from a porous substance. Even the best kitchen floor will not last long if you lay untreated slate tiles, even though it will look good in the beginning, as oil and grease will eventually seep through the coating and stain the underlying material. For a lasting effect the best choice is ceramic tiles and why not marble? Its equally hard wearing and will give a touch of class to your kitchen floor!

Wood is an exceptionally elegant choice for a kitchen floor but it does need a bit of special treatment to keep it at its best
Wood is an exceptionally elegant choice for a kitchen floor but it does need a bit of special treatment to keep it at its best

The Best Kitchen Floor: When to consider wood?

If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of convenience and appreciate elegant aesthetics, wood can be the best kitchen floor for you. A wooden floor can make the room seamlessly flow from the living room to the kitchen and especially if you are living in an open plan space its arguably the ideal, if not only choice. It will make your home look larger and more modern and that is definitely something that makes wood the best kitchen floor!

If you are living in a small household and the kitchen is more of a place to gather rather than a place to cook, then wood can be an exceptional choice. Its warmer, cosier and will provide an excellent visual effect to your kitchen. One of the best tips to keep even the best kitchen floor looking in top shape is to strategically place a few elegant matts in front of the sink and the dishwasher to protect the floor. Water and food spills are arguably any wooden floor’s worst enemies so you’ll be glad you invested in a couple of mats in the long run!

Also don’t forget that laminate wood effect floor can be an exceptional compromise between practicality, comfort and looks. It is more heard wearing than regular wood, easier to lay down and much easier to maintain in top condition. Just browse your local DIY shop for their latest wood floor collection and you might just find the floor of your dreams!